verb  af·fil·i·ate  \ə-ˈfi-lē-ˌāt\
To closely connect (something or yourself) with or to something (such as a program or organization) as a member or partner

There are many opportunities in our parish to get involved, to make connections, to move beyond being a 'church goer' to a community member. Now's your chance - take a leap, affiliate.


Affiliate with all the ministries and groups you participate in at St. Joseph Church.

1. Enter your email address and click "Update My Groups"

2. Select all the groups you want to affiliate with

3. Click the Next button at the bottom of the page

Want to learn about all the wonderful ministries that St. Joesph Parish has going on? Check out our ministries page. There are over 40 ministries that you could be involved in.

Special Feature: Liturgical Ministries

Are you interested in being more involved at the mass you attend? Here are a few ministries that you should look into:

  • Altar Servers - to assist the Priest during Mass as necessary.

  • Children's Liturgy of the Word (9:30AM) - to present the readings and Gospel to the children of the parish in a form that will help them to understand it, pay closer attention and have a bit of fun.

  • Eucharistic Ministers - to assist the priest, at Mass, in administering the Body and Blood of Christ to those in the congregation who wish to receive the Eucharist.

  • Lectors - proclaim the first two readings from the sacred Scripture and lead the Prayers of the Faithful during Mass

  • Music Ministry - to assist the congregation in praising the Lord through music

  • Sacristans - to oversee and keep in good order the worship space and the sacristy. The sacristan is the person who is appointed to be available to prepare everything needed for the liturgy.

  • Ushers - to help create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of hospitality for all who are present during liturgical celebrations, and to ensure that the liturgy runs smoothly