Religious Artifacts Road Show

As we clean our houses and get ready for Easter and spring, many of us come across old religious artifacts that had at one time a special meaning. A gift at communion or confirmation, a special crucifix that was given to us. Many of us have also “inherited” gifts from deceased loved ones whose homes we have helped clean out.  However now, we no longer have a use for them or we have several duplicates. This is an opportunity to lovingly pass on these treasures to someone else that might like to have them. Here is what you need to:

1.    Come the weekend of March 12 & 13 to the Gathering Space to perhaps get a new relic or talk to the person who has a new home for yours.

2.    Artifacts that are left after the roadshow will be taken to a center in Pennsylvania that recycles artifacts.

Thank you for participating in this Sesquicentennial Event