Parish Finance Council Mission

Each month, your Parish Finance Council gathers for 90 minutes to assess and discuss our financial condition.  Our aim is to counsel Father Hank on matters of financial health using Parish data and generate quality discussion that aids in making sound financial decisions.

In our effort to supply you with pertinent information about our financial health, the Finance Council has posted updated financial reports which you can find below.


Your Finance Council, January 2016

  • Bill Strawderman – Council Chair
  • John Lanahan – Council Vice Chair
  • Beth Martello – Council Secretary
  • Dan Galati – Chair, Budget Committee
  • John Jorgensen – Chair, Human Resources Committee
  • Dave Mendez – Chair, Buildings and Grounds Committee
  • Jim Blum - Council Member
  • Brenda Delmaestro – Council Member
  • Donna Manuelli – Council Member
  • Jim Paterno – Council Member
  • Jayne Schuller – Council Member
  • Phil Zuccarello – Council Member
  • Fr. Hank Hilton – Parish Administrator
  • Monica McDevitt – Parish Business Administrator
  • Ken Knieser – Outside Advisor to Administration

Did you know, the Evangelist St. Matthew is the Patron Saint of Finances?

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