The Mass of Remembrance and the Month of Remembrance

Dear Parishioners, 

Christ's peace. 

November is the month in which we remember our deceased loved ones. This year, we would like to express the remembrance in two ways.

First, we would like to pray for our deceased loved ones at our special All Souls Day Mass on Wednesday November 2 at 7:30 pm. Second, we would like to display their names on the Remembrance Tree in the gathering space throughout the month of November.

Please help us to pray for and honor all of our deceased loved ones. You can help by supplying the names of your deceased loved ones. Once you give is the names, we will place their names into one of three groups:

i. the recently deceased who have died this year or last,
ii. deceased children and grandchildren of parishioners, regardless of when they died adn
iii. all other deceased loved ones.

We will read the names of the recently deceased and of deceased children and grandchildren that the All Souls Day Mass. The names of all others will be placed on the altar. In addition, the names in all three groups will be placed on the Tree of Remembrance.

Use the form below to provide the name of the people for whom you want us to pray and whom you want us to remember. Please fill this form out before Monday, October 24.

With a prayer for your consolation and all best blessings,

Fr. Hank, SJ