Dear Friends in Christ:

We have received the message and have taken it to heart. Which message? The one from Jesus that says, “As the Father has sent me so I send you.” 

A prayerful look at our parish ministry directory proves that point. The variety of our ministries is inspiring. So is the vitality of these ministries. With selfless dedication, you the parishioners carry on Christ’s work, with the old and with the young, with the faithful and with the struggling, with the glad and with the grieving, with those nearby and with those around the county and around the world. Your work is the work of sent disciples and it is wonderful to behold.

A prayerful consideration of this ministry directory also reveals ways in which Jesus might now be urging you to carry on His work. Our priestly ministries enable people to pray. Our prophetic ministries serve those needing consolation, challenge and faith development. Our kingly ministries build our community. In the best of all worlds, each parishioner would participate in each area of ministry. In our actual world of time constraints and other limits, it is wonderful if each parishioner does whatever she or he can to help fulfill Christ’s hopes.

May this directory enable us to say “Yes” to Christ and glorify God.

Best blessings,

Fr. Hank

Ministries List and Descriptions

Download the full Parish Ministry Directory

Advent Wreaths, Donna DeLucia 

Altar & Plant Care
Carmela Maresca 732-469-2934

Altar Servers, Cindy and David                             Cesiano 

Becca's Friends

Janet Pescinski/ Dahlia Wong  

Buildings & Grounds, Dave Mendez 

Children's Liturgy of the Word, Natalie Zuccarello

Collection Counters, Bill Houle 

Columbiettes, Linda Kenyhercz 

Cornerstone, Bill Grimmer,                                    Bryan DeLisi

CYM Basketball, John Lanahan 

Emergency Meals, Wendy Carter, 908-431-0573

Employment, Debra Miller,

Eucharistic Ministers:
Avalon/Bridgeway Visits, Michael DeLucia 
Carrier Clinic, Jo-Ann Delasko 

Mass, Bill Gibson 908-359-0865

Grocery Card Sales, Gary Illein, 908-874-6967 

Guatemala Ministry, Pat Lambo

Healing Prayer, Johanne Muller, 908-420-1981

Interfaith Hospitality Network, Sue & John Calamoneri 

Jr. Youth Ministry Team, Donna Magliulo

Knights of Columbus
John Rossi
Michael DeLucia, 908-391-1276

Lazarus (Funeral) Ministry, Carol Valone

Lectors, Candy Meyer

Music (Weekend & Sunday Morning), Frank Viola, 908-874-3141 x 235 

Music (Sunday Evening), Laurie Ferretti

New Parishioner Orientation, Johanne Muller, 908-420-1981

Nursery, Jacqui Seelig

Parish Finance Council, Beth Martello

Pastoral Council, Nina DeLuciao

Prayer Chain, Kathy Gibson or 908-359-0865

Prayer Shawls, Maryanne Calandra 732-568-0861

Projection/Multimedia, Chris Gradone

RCIA, Kathy Gibson

REFC Kristen Ross

Refreshments, Jerry Bove

Religious Education
Jim Jungels,
Linda Mackiw

Respect Life
Helen Campbell
Eileen Lawless

Peter Tabernero
Susan Wund

Somerset Patriots, Bill Gibson 

Special Needs Adult Programs
Kathy Abuschinow
Michelle Laffoon

Sunshine Committee
Lois Jerzewski
Millie Bijas

Ushers, Cliff Radziewicz

Walking With Purpose Women's Bible Study, Mary MacPhee

Youth Ministry Team, Bob Ferretti