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New Beginnings for the Alternative Gift Fair

The Social Concerns Office is looking for a volunteer, a group of interested parishioners, confirmation class or ministry group to reactivate the Alternative Gift Fair.

The Alternative Gift Fair has been a holiday gift program offered at St. Joseph during the weeks before Christmas. For sale have been Fair Trade items such as coffee, chocolates, crafts and gourmet foods. In addition, money donations to various organizations are collected in exchange for a gift card. For example, you donate $25 to Doctors Without Borders, and you are given a gift card depicting Doctors W/O Borders to give to a family member or friend in lieu of a Christmas gift.

There are many opportunities as well as directions the Alternative Gift Fair could take here in our Parish. If you have some ideas or a desire to run with a volunteer opportunity (close to home!), please call Michelle of Social Concerns. This is a very worthwhile cause and touches many, many people in many organizations.

For more information, please contact:

Michelle Laffoon
Director Social Concerns
(908)874-3141 x225