St. Joseph Sesquicentennial
CL 1865 - 2015

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October 25, 2015
St. Joseph Church

Dear Friends in Christ:

 Jesus’ very first public words refer to a “Jubilee Year.” 

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me ... to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord.” (Luke 4)

What did Jesus mean by a “year acceptable to the Lord?”  He was quoting Isaiah 61, which in turn quotes Leviticus 25.

“You shall treat this fiftieth year as sacred . . . each of you shall return to your own land . . . This fiftieth year is your year of jubilee . . . It shall be sacred for you . . . each of you shall return to your land.”

 Today we enter our third “fiftieth year.” And as our ancestors returned to their land, the symbol of their covenant with God, we return to the symbol of our covenant, our baptisms.  A year of return to our baptisms is surely “a year acceptable to the Lord.”

How do we “return to our baptisms?”  We return by doing two simple things.  First, we remember the promises made at our baptisms.  Chief among them is the promise “to remain forever a member of Christ who is priest, prophet and king.” Second, we recommit ourselves to fulfilling those remembered promises.

As priests we are people of prayer.  As prophets we are people who serve by consoling and challenging others.  As kings we are people who build the community.  Our jubilee year is thus a year to recommit ourselves to our lives of prayer, service and community building.  It is a year to take a next step in each domain.

This booklet, “Next steps for St. Joseph’s Priests, Prophets and Kings” makes those steps easy.  Part I focuses on next steps in prayer, Part II on service and Part III on community building.  Each part clarifies two challenges and easy ways to satisfy them.

May the Spirit of the Lord descend mightily upon us.  May our CL year be one of inspired next steps.  May this year fill us with gratitude to God.    

Fr. Hank