Purpose: The Somerset Patriots Ministry operates the third base concession stand at TD Bank Ballpark during the Somerset Patriots’ baseball season to raise funds for the parish. All earnings are dedicated exclusively to the retirement of long term parish debt such as the church mortgage. 

Time Commitment: For each game, regular volunteers work from 5:00 PM until game’s end, usually around 10:00 PM. Depending upon the volume of customers, we may be able to release some volunteers earlier. Volunteers with specific jobs such as cash management or team leader may be required to start earlier and/or stay later. The parish commits to 10-12 games per year. Our contract requires that we provide 25 to 35 volunteers to work each game. 

Qualifications: Volunteers need to be courteous, follow basic instructions and make change. 

Virtus Training & Background Check: No 

Contact: Colleen Mueller, ca.mueller@verizon.net or 732-873-8019 

The Somerset Patriots Concession Ministry

For the past 15 years, a dedicated group of parishioners have been faithful supporters of the St. Joseph Parish’s Somerset Patriots Stewardship efforts. Through their regular support, the Somerset Patriots ministry has been able to make significant financial contributions (well in excess of $180,000) to reduce the mortgage debt of the parish. Last year, over 50% of our volunteer hours (1,100+) came from a core group of 10-12 parish families and another 15%+ from non-parishioners. Many more parishioners will need to step forward to offer their gifts of time and talent if we are to continue this valuable ministry beyond this season.

For the 2018 regular season, the Parish will be working 10 games. All dates are a convenient Friday or Saturday evening and all are Fireworks Nights. On a Fireworks night, the stadium is often sold out and the parish can earn 2-3 times what we might earn at a regular, non-Fireworks game. With that tremendous potential comes the responsibility to fully staff the stand with at least 25 teen and adult volunteers for each game. It is especially critical that we field a full adult crew of volunteers for our opening night game.

Additional parishioners are needed to support our efforts by volunteering at as many games as possible. \ We are expected to get the majority of our volunteers to report to the stadium by 5:00 p.m. on game nights. If we don’t meet these goals, we will be financially penalized for failing to meet our contractual obligations and can lose our opportunity to work Fireworks Nights.

This ministry has been successful because of parishioners’ willingness to invest their time, talent and prayers into it. With this tremendous opportunity that we’ve been given for the 2015 season, we hope that we can continue to count on your support.

Who Can I contact for more information or to sign-up?
     Colleen/Carl Mueller (732-873-8019) or Kathy/Bill Gibson (908-359-0865) or fill out a form in the gathering space.

What jobs will I be asked to do?
     Most of our volunteers will be taking orders and working a cash register, filling the orders for the customer, maintaining the condiment tables or serving soft ice cream. Additionally, before the game you will be expected to help wrap sandwiches or prepare other food, clean and organize the stand stations and stock food and supplies in the sale area. As the evening progresses and the demand for food tapers off, you will be expected to help re-stock the stand’s supplies, mop and squeegee the floors, collect and remove trash, and clean-up and sanitize the work areas, serving areas and food preparation equipment.

Where do I park? How do I get into the ballpark?
     Travel to the Bridgewater NJ Transit Train Station. As you enter, let the Parking Attendant know that you’re a volunteer. Park in the lot on the left (you might have to pay) or proceed straight, under the tracks and park in either back lot for free. Follow the sidewalk up along the stadium’s perimeter. Enter through main entrance turnstiles, through the double set of glass doors on the left. The sign-in table should be set up just outside the glass doors on the stadium concourse. Sign in, get your shirt and meal container, and proceed to the third base concession stand, left through the second set of glass doors. If you arrive after the sign-in table has shut down, go to the vending room located on the interior stadium wall just before the third base concession stand
If you don’t sign in, St. Joseph’s doesn’t get credit for your attendance. If you know you won’t be there on time, if you let us know in advance, we’ll pack a dinner container for you.

What time do I need to arrive?
     We need you to arrive in the stadium and be signed in no later than 5:00 p.m. (earlier if possible).We must be prepared to start serving customers by 5:45 p.m., with all cash register positions manned and ready to open and all food prepared. If we are not fully staffed, St. Joseph’s is penalized for each person that we are short.

What should I wear?
     All volunteers (including youth) will be given a Centerplate uniform shirt to wear when you sign in. Pants should be dark (blue or black), khaki or beige non-denim, long legged or modest shorts. (Jeans are not allowed at all except for the kitchen cooks.) Wear comfortable, sturdy, fully enclosed shoes—no open toed shoes, no sandals, no “no-back” slip-ons, no heels, no flip-flops, no wheelies. Sneakers are perfectly acceptable. Socks are required. For safety’s sake, wear minimal jewelry, with no loose or dangling parts (including earrings).If you are not in the proper attire, St. Joseph’s is penalized financially by the facility manager. Baseball-type caps are permitted as long as they are free of team or company logos or have the Somerset Patriots logo on them. All bags/purses are subject to search under stadium and federal security procedures. 

How old do my children need to be to help out?
     State alcohol beverage law requires that all volunteers in the stadium be at least age 16. Please note that no child under age 18 can volunteer without an adult who will be responsible for them and who also is volunteering to work. Call Colleen Mueller or Bill Gibson (see last question) if you want to discuss this further.

How late will I need to stay? 
Most games that start at 7:05 p.m. last until about 10:00 p.m., with another half-hour if there are fireworks. If we get a good head start on clean-up, we can usually allow a handful of people to leave by 9:15 p.m. If you will need to leave early, make sure that Bill Gibson or Colleen Mueller know about it before the game so we can plan our staffing accordingly.

What if there’s threatening weather? How will I know if the game is on?
     Check www.somersetpatriots.com for the latest updates. It is rare that the St. Joseph’s volunteer team leaders will get an advance telephone call of a cancellation.

What if I still have questions?
     Call Colleen/Carl Mueller (732-873-8019; ca.mueller@verizon.net) or
     Kathy/Bill Gibson (908-359-0865; gibsonbk@embarqmail.com) for more details.