This Week in Prayer, Service and Building Community

Dear All –

Christ’s Peace.

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  May Mary’s “Yes” to God inspire yours.  (Remaining Masses for the feast are at 5:15 and 7:30)

This week in prayer: 

  • Today marks the opening of the Year of Mercy throughout the universal church. In what circumstances do you desire mercy from God? From others?  Who needs yours?
  • From this Sunday’s readings: Name one or two people who might feel very forgotten were it not for your persistent kindness. Are you sensing God’s gratitude to you?
  • Tomorrow’s first reading is the “Chariots of Fire” passage from Isaiah 40.When has God enabled you “to run and not grow weary?” Where do you need that grace now?

This week in service:

  • You’ve done a remarkable job of taking tags from the giving tree and bringing the gifts to church.  Really a remarkable job.  Good for you. Very few tags remain
  • The leaders of all liturgical ministries (lectors, ushers, Eucharistic ministers [all groups], projectionists, sacristans, altar servers, musicians, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Nursery and Lazarus Ministry) had a very productive conversation on Saturday morning. Expect to feel recruited right after Christmas.
  • Inspiring proposals for the “Points of Light Projects” continue to roll in. How are your plans coming along?

This week in community

  • Enormous thanks to all who made last weekend a wonderful experience of parish fellowship -- Family Fun/Bingo Saturday night and Pancakes galore on Sunday.  Wow.
  • This Friday’s party for adults with special needs has a record number of reservations and a record number of volunteers.
  • The BIG fellowship event this week – Saturday night in the parish hall, after the 4:45 Mass to thank Father Ray for his 32 astounding years of service to our parish.  Plan in advance: as you enter the parish hall there will be a basket for your cards and letters for Fr. Ray.  There will also be a basket for a free will offering for the dinner.  $20 is suggested but – absolutely – if you can’t swing it don’t sweat it.  The parish wants you there and is happy to fund your dinner with Fr. Ray.

Best blessings,

Fr. Hank SJ

  • Friday December 18 - PJ Anderson in concert, 7PM in the Church. Start the evening with Carols and end with a great concert of praise and worship. Bring a children's book to be given to children in the hospital this Christmas. 
  • Saturday, December 19 - a performance of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" at 2:30PM by the Westfield School of Dance to benefit the ARC of Somerset and The Ronald McDonald House. Parish Hall.