This Week in Prayer, Service and Community

Dear All –

Christ’s Peace.

This week in prayer: 

  • From this Sunday’s readings: Behind just about every brave soul who is taking a bold leap that glorifies God, stands one who believes in that other – believes in that other’s wisdom, discernment and ability.  For whom might God be asking you to be such a believer right now?
  • Before you enter into the most active stretch of Christmas activity, or perhaps as soon as you exit it, try some mellow lights, the right instrumental music, and a contemplative reading of what has become known as “The Christmas Martyrology.”  Amazing stuff.  Pray well.
  • Each weekday gospel this week deserves special attention – but given the raw spiritual horsepower of Mary’s Magnificat (today) and Zechariah’s canticle (Thursday morning), those two gospels are probably worth committing to memory.
  • We look forward to being part of your Christmas celebrations. Our mass schedule is available online for Christmas and beyond..

This week in service:

  • The Steadfast Tin Soldier,” the ballet performed in the parish hall on Saturday afternoon, yielded a minor mountain of gifts for resident of our local Arc’s group homes.  One of the ballerinas, moved by the people for whom she was dancing, is starting her own project to serve Arc clients.   
  • The want ads in the gathering space will soon be “Mass-specific,” they will identify the help we need at each specific Mass – e.g., “The 4:15 needs three Ushers” or “The 6:00 pm needs three Eucharistic Ministers.”  What needs do you anticipate at your regular Mass?
  • Residents of the Amsterdam Road area will soon notice the street is exceptionally clean – as one family gears up to complete its Point-of-Light project – the removal of all trash from one of the street to the other.

This week in community

  • Thanks to the Ushers who attended Monday night’s session with Brian Gilmurray, our new facilities manager.  Those ushers now know many of the secrets of the realm – e.g., what to do if a pipe bursts or the smoke alarm goes off during Mass. Ushers will be taking CPR and defibrillator lessons in January.
  • The PJ Anderson concert on Friday night was enjoyed enormously by all who participated.  We look forward to his return next year.  Great thanks to all who made it happen.
  • Extra special thanks to the Knights of Columbus for providing the Christmas trees and to the Altar Society for making the church so very beautiful for our parishioners and guests.

Best Christmas blessings for each of you.
Fr. Hank SJ