This Week in Prayer, Service & Community (Jan 21, 2016)

Dear All -

Christ's Peace to you this week. Lot’s of incredible stuff going on in our parish this week!

This week in prayer:

  • In Sunday’s gospel about the wedding feast at Cana, we encountered a Christ who is at once compassionate (He cares about the difficulty), creative (He solves it in a very unexpected way) and cooperative (He enlists the help of many people).. Which of those aspects of Christ’s human nature is most worthy of your consideration these days?
  • Due to popular demand, plan’s for this Lent’s prayer camp have changed. The evening Masses and talks will take place on Wednesday nights rather than on Mondays. 
  • Several parents, independent of one another, have expressed a desire to pray for their children who are going through a rough time. It now seems likely that the prayer group will form in the third week in Lent and will meet once or twice a month. It will use a very simple method of petitionary prayer and will adhere to very strict rules about confidentiality. If you are interested in joining this group, please email me directly at and put “Parents Prayer Group” in the subject line.

This week in service:

  • Several new Points-of-Light service projects launched this week. Noteworthy among them is the Kral family’s project to supply “pressure pillows” to veterans who have lost limbs. Please click here to learn the very simple steps you can take to help the church supply 150 of these pillows to veterans who have lost limbs. Contact Suzanne Kral for more information.
  • Hooray for the regular members of the 6 pm Sunday congregation. Their response to the ministerial help-wanted ads was particularly strong. Regulars at the other Mass times still have time to figure out the best ways to help enrich our shared liturgical experience – as servers, lectors, ushers, sacristans, Eucharistic ministers, musicians, singers or projectionists.  
  • Help is on the way for those who still need help formulating their Point-of-Light projects. A specific list of suggestions will be coming soon to the church website.
  • GREAT thanks to our Religious Education volunteers. There are scores of them and they are dedicated and tireless. We are all in their debt.

This week in community:

  • Only nine days are left until The K of C Pasta dinner. It is a terrific opportunity for parishioners of all ages to rub elbows without having to wash dishes. And Yes, a half dozen “Heads Up” games will be in circulation. The food will be excellent. So will the Heads Up entertainment! 
  • By this time next week (or maybe the week after), the parish website will provide a very user-friendly way for you to officially affiliate with each parish group (ministry, Mass time, affinity group, Once you have completed the very short affiliation process, you will be very much in touch with each group.

I’m hoping the snow provides you with just the right amount of disruption – the kind of disruption that yields more fun and free time than back ache and burden.

All best blessings.

Fr. Hank SJ

Lord Jesus Christ, Living Son of the living God, Help me to know what You want and to want what You want.
— St. Joseph Parish Community