This Week in Prayer, Service & Community (Jan 7, 2016)


Dear All –

Christ’s Peace;

This week in prayer: 

  • From this Sunday’s readings – This Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, only the third Extraordinary Jubilee in church history, calls us to be kind to the troubled and kind to the troublemakers.  Sunday’s passage from Isaiah and the story of the Magi express the same call.  Who have been the instruments of God’s mercy toward you when you were (a) troubled and (b) a troublemaker?  What aspect of their mercy makes you most grateful?
  • What relationships or circumstances most incline you to pray our parish prayer for help to be merciful:

    God, help me to bless the troublemakers,
    The pains in the neck and the real heartbreakers.
    And help me to help the truly troubled,
    That their woes may be halved though mine might be doubled.

This week in service:

  • Current and new members of all liturgical ministries – our Morning of Recollection will be Saturday, February 13, starting with Mass at 8:30.  The morning will consist of coffee, one retreat talk, a bit of time for quiet reflection, time to meet with other members of your ministry, and lunch.  All are most welcome – even if you are only contemplating joining a ministry and could use a retreat morning.  Please sign up through your ministry coordinator. 
  • The needs for ministers of all sorts and for all Masses will be posted in the gathering space starting next week.  Both new and returning ministers are energetically encouraged.
  • The dedicated ladies of our chapter of Colombiettes have completed their latest Point of Light Project – a donation of 50 pairs of pajamas to the Resource Center of Somerset.  The Pajama Drive is just one more of their Points of Light.  Their list also includes the donation of backpacks with school supplies for needy students and the donation of bags of toiletries for clients at homeless shelters.  The Colombiettes shine an impressive light.

This week in community

  • Thanks to Jay K for cleaning up the long-neglected water garden at the north end of the parish center.  It is a whole new garden.
  • Thanks to all the counters who had an all-hands-on-deck day on 12/28 to count the Christmas collection.  Your help is invaluable.
  • Thanks to all members of the Buildings and Grounds Committee (Dave M., Jo-Ann D, Kevin B, Al G, Joe B, Dan G, Christophe B, (and staff members Monica and Brian) for their remarkable effort.  The fruits of your labor surround us  - -  and help us to make the most of every dime contributed to the parish.
  • The menu of Spring fellowship events is almost ready for prime time.  Keep an eye out for it in the gathering space.

Hoping that your return to routine was consoling – and with all best blessings.

Fr. Hank SJ