This Week in Prayer, Service & Community

Dear All:

Christ's Peace.

This week in prayer: 

  • Sunday’s gospel described Jesus in the wilderness, tempted by the devil to live lavishly, to live famously and to live dangerously. Those temptations, which necessarily include tormenting interior deliberations, occurred immediately after Jesus’ peak experience of being baptized in the Jordan and hearing the Father say “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” Our spiritual masters tell us that this is to be expected – the dark side loves to assail us immediately after a peak experience. When has that been your story? When have you (a) made a choice that glorified God and lead you and others to peace and then (b) soon thereafter found yourself flailing about in doubt and temptation? Do you know someone who has just taken that timeless tumble from consolation to desolation and needs some support in their wilderness?
  • Thanks to the 102 people who participated in Saturday’s morning of recollection for liturgical ministers. As Bill Gibson put it so well, “the faith was electric”– because of the participants.
  • Several parishioners have reported making a great effort to listen prayerfully to their GoBibles for Lent – and getting bogged down in the books of Leviticus and Numbers. Skip them! Go to the juicy stories of great faith. Right after Deuteronomy comes Joshua, Judges and Ruth. Then comes the high excitement of Samuel and Kings. Persevere!

This week in service:

  • Get this . . . The Blue Storm effort to gather plastic bags has produced a collection of 22,030 bags. That’s right – TWENTY TWO THOUSAND. Go Blue Storm! Hats off to you and the project organizers and managers.
  • The response to the “Point-of-Light” walls has been superb. 97 new projects are in the works. That’s in addition to the 40+ that are already on the way. You are remarkable. And if you haven’t already, take a star!
  • Three cheers/blessings for the 25 St. Joe’s folk who are working with IHN and our brethren at the Dutch Reformed Church to provide housing, food, homework help, toddler play, warm beds and friendship this week for 3 area homeless families with 6 children.
  • Remember to pick up a Catholic Relief Services “Rice Bowl” in the gathering space. Your help makes a big difference to the world’s neediest.

This week in community:

  • Nearly twenty people posted for Financial Peace University. May God poor out extra special blessings on Rich Realbuto and everyone in the program as they do the noble work of answering God’s call to greater peace.
  • The calendar of Spring Fellowship is now posted in the gathering space - mark your calendars early.
  • Be good to yourself if your Sesqui score isn’t quite where you want it…yet. We have five more weeks to up our averages and then another forty days until Pentecost. Chin up as you double down on your efforts to Pray, Read, Shine, Join, Labor and Yak

All best blessings.

Fr. Hank SJ