This Week in Prayer, Service & Community

Dear All:

Christ's Peace!

This week in prayer: 

  • Our faith generally draws us together as it draws us into Christ. But once in a great while, our connection with Jesus draws us away from others, usually temporarily. Sunday’s Transfiguration gospeldescribes Peter, James and John walking away from the other nine apostles as they took the very long walk with Jesus to and up the mountain. Their mountaintop experience of Jesus dazzled them but they couldn’t discuss it with the others. In the first reading, Abraham’s connection with God reached new heights, but in a land not his own amid people who didn’t get it. Jesus’s response to the Father frequently left him feeling disconnected from the people around him.What about you? When have you made good use of the grace to endure a disciples’ loneliness? When has your faith enabled you to walk away from gossip? Defend the undefended? Cling to a conviction about Christ that you know He put in your heart, even when others didn’t understand? Pursue modes of prayer and good works that puzzled your nearest and dearest? The spiritual courage that animated Abraham, Peter, James, John and Jesus has been alive in you. When? And how might God be asking you now to use that courage?
  • Prayer Campers and others – How about that geared-down praying of the Our Father – in which you slowly and prayerfully repeat each phrase until its deeper meaning stirs you? It can be a powerful way to add ten minutes of prayer to your day.
  • For those of you spending a few extra minutes each day with the scripture (on your GoBible or your New American) – perhaps the time is right to consider some of the online guides to yearlong scripture readings? Try clicking here.
  • Giant thanks to JoAnn Carey for constructing our CL bibliography and to Ann Getty for making it even better. Click here for 150 suggestions of spiritual books that might delight you.

This week in service:

  • Liturgical Geeks come forward! In all the recruiting of liturgical ministers, I failed to recruit projectionists – which we need at each Mass. Please email me if you might be up for running the projectors during Mass.
  • Giant thanks to the 62 people who have recently volunteered for liturgical ministries. Amazing turn out. May God console you enormously in your ministry.
  • If you know how to write grants, please email Michelle Laffoon – a terrifically inspired and hugely ambitious Point-of-Light project needs your help.

This week in community:

  • Friday night at the movies! Yahoo. Tomorrow night’s feature, “Remember the Titans” -- a terrific movie for people of all ages. Admission is free. Popcorn and sodas are cheap (to benefit youth ministry). If you have a favorite beach chair, bring it to sit in. Curtain up at 7:00. Come and Yak before and after!
  • Our “Artifacts Road Show” is just around the bend. Click here to learn more about this experience – which you don’t want to miss.

All best blessings.

Fr. Hank SJ

PS – have you done your Sesqui-self evaluation? How’s it going in your efforts to pray, read, shine, join, labor and yak? That’s what priests, prophets and kings do best!