This Week in Prayer, Service & Community

Dear All:

Christ’s peace.

Our last full week in ordinary time has been a good one.  

This week in prayer: 

  • In Sunday’s first reading, God reminds Jeremiah that he (Jeremiah) has what it takes to be a “Wall of Brass” – a person others will assail but against whom they “will not prevail.” In Sunday’s gospel, Jesus show us what it means to be a Wall of Brass, a person who doesn’t budge, a person who values God’s desires over others’ approval, a person who promotes God’s hopes even when others get cranky. As humans, we run the risk of misreading God’s hopes. We take the chance that we are being stubborn about something that doesn’t matter to God. But sometimes we just know that God is asking us not to budge, particularly when it comes to standing up for the underdogs, particularly when it comes to standing firm for another’s benefit. Can you name one situation in your life right now in which God is asking you to be that wall of brass? That unmoving defender of the downtrodden? That ally of God who, despite the fatigue and self-doubt that the mission brings, stands firm? And can you feel God’s thanks?
  • Saturday, February 13 is the morning of recollection for all liturgical ministers – sacristans, EMs (of all varieties), lectors, servers (who have been confirmed), ushers, altar and plant folk, money counters, projectionists, CLOW folk, Nursery leaders, musicians and singers, donut folk. The day starts with Mass at 8:30 and concludes with lunch at 12. RSVP ASAP.

This week in service:

  • The Souper-bowl Food drive is off to a terrific start. Remember to bring canned goods to church this weekend and put them in the box with your favorite team’s label. If your team did not make it to the Big Dance, and If you are a sour-grapes, sour-puss bad sport loser like me, just put your cans on the artificial turf in front of the display.
  • Three cheers for the hoopsters who are collecting plastic bags like mad. Remember to bring your contributions to the Auten Road games or to the Gathering Space.
  • Great gratitude to Bill Strawderman and the entire Parish Finance Council for your great ongoing efforts and for getting all the parish financial reports and summaries onto the parish web page.

This week in community: 

  • Thanks to all who provided this morning’s “First Wednesday” gathering. In case you haven’t heard, “First Wednesdays” are the gatherings that take place once a month after the 8:30 Mass. All are welcome for coffee and donuts (and for the feast of St. Blaise today, goldfish!) We also sing “Happy Birthday” to all who have birthdays that month. A special welcome to the retired and to stay-at-home parents with little kids.
  • Thanks to the K of C for Friday’s pasta dinner. Can’t wait for the March 18 Fish Fry and Irish Dancing.

Remember, by this time next week, you will be hungry and Ash-covered. Enjoy ordinary time while you can and be ready for next week’s challenges to you and changes to the web page.

Best Blessings.

Fr. Hank SJ