This Week in Prayer, Service & Community

Dear All:

Christ's Peace!

This week in prayer: 

  • God doesn’t will most wilderness situations but God has a will for every wilderness situation and that will is peace. God’s infinite desire for our authentic peace persists even when our wilderness experiences result from our choices. This Sunday’s readings remind us of that. The passage from Isaiah expresses God’s passionate desire to restore the exiles to peace – despite the fact that their rotten choices delivered them into the wilderness of exile. The Gospel depicts Jesus’ desire for the woman caught in adultery to discover and to dwell in the perfect peace that only He can offer. What wilderness experience of yours (spiritual, relational, social, financial, academic) is making it hard for you to remember that, even now, God desires your peace infinitely more than you do? What loved ones of yours are in a wilderness experience that makes it tough for them to trust that God’s desire for their peace is boundless, regardless of what put them in the wilderness? That remembering is key; it makes us much more receptive to God’s hope and God’s love.
  • It was consoling to see so many people at Tuesday’s penance service. For those who could not make it, remember (a) I will be hearing confessions from 12-1 and then again from 3:30 to 4:25 this Saturdayand (b) you can email me or call the office to set up a confession time throughout Holy Week. Like Hosea says “Don’t let fear keep us apart” – even if it’s been years!
  • Those spending extra time with the bible this lent might want to meditate on Christ’s seven last words (phrases) this Holy Week.

This week in service:

  • Your Points-of-Light projects continue to inspire. With Suzanne Kral’s guidance, parishioners have now made 150 special pillows for veterans who have suffered amputations. Special thanks to the members of the Special Needs Social Club who stuffed pillows at theirFriday gathering.  
  • The Mellott family has created and delivered 150 holiday placemats to the Samaritan Homeless Interim Project (SHIP) in Somerville to brighten the tables of those who will be having Easter dinner at SHIP. Special thanks to the CCD students who colored and decorated the blank placemats.

This week in community:

  • Our first annual “Religious Artifacts Road Show” was, thanks to Carol and John Jorgensen, a rollicking success. So many of the stories attached to the artifacts were magnificent.
  • !!!! COME ONE COME ALL !!!! Friday night is the K of C Fish Fry. The food and company alone make it worth the trip. And you don’t want to miss the Irish step dancing exhibitions.
  • Save the date – Friday April 8, Comedy Night at St. Joe’s.

The next installment of “This Week” will reach you before Palm Sunday. It will be all about the Holy Week readings.  The next regular version of “This Week” will reach you after Easter.

All best blessings.

Fr. Hank SJ

PS – Priests, prophets and kings, remember to pray, read, shine, join, labor and yak.