Your Holy Week Retreat, Part VI – Recalling the Graces and Speaking to Jesus

The last three days have given us a chance to take a long, loving look at Jesus the priest who speaks and listens to the Father, at Jesus the prophet who consoles and challenges, and at Jesus the king who does what he can to build up the community of believers.

This morning, as we start to move into the holiest of days, is a good time to recall this week’s reflections. The recalling helps the graces to become more firmly established in our souls. This morning’s meditation consists of two steps.


Step One: Recall the insights

Think for a moment of the insights and the motions of the heart that occurred during your reflections on Jesus in His Passion.

  • What insights about Jesus’ prayer are most memorable?

  • What do you remember most about Jesus consoling others?

  • What seems to be most important about Jesus challenging others?

  • What stands out most as you recall Jesus building the community?

Step Two: Speak to Jesus

In the “Spiritual Exercises,” St. Ignatius invites retreatants to imagine standing before Christ on the cross and to say to Him what I feel compelled to say.

[53] Let me imagine Christ our Lord suspended on the cross before me, and let me recall that he, although He is the Creator, has come to make Himself a human being, that He is passing from eternal life to death here, all this for us.”

Given your thoughts from Step One above, as you behold Christ on the cross:

  • How do you want to pray for Him or with Him?

  • What consoling words do you want to speak to Him?

  • In what way do you want to assure Him that you will take up a challenge He held dear?

  • What do you want to tell Him about your commitment to community?

The email based on the Holy Thursday liturgy will go out tonight after Mass. It focuses on one question: How might Jesus be inviting me to be priest, prophet and king to people who will soon enter the wilderness?