This Week in Prayer, Service & Community

Dear All:


The purple season is behind us. The white season is upon us. The green season will return on May 16. “There is a time for every purpose under heaven.” May your Easter Season be greatly blessed.

This week in prayer:

  • Sunday’s gospel reminded us that as the Father has sent Jesus, Jesus sends you and me. The Father’s way of sending Jesus could be described in countless ways. One of those ways is “with confidence;” the Father sends the Son with boundless confidence in the Son. Similarly, Jesus sends you and me with great confidence in us. He knows that each of us, in our deepest and truest core, fundamentally wants for our world what He wants for our world. He knows that on good days we honor those most inspired wants, we make choices that help fulfill His dreams for the world. The first and second readings on Sunday showed John and Peter justifying Christ’s confidence in them. Your life generally does the same. It justifies Christ’s confidence that you want what He wants and that you make the choices He hopes you will make – in large matters and small. We can do all that only because He gives us the grace to do so. Can you think of one habit of yours, one choice you regularly make, that clearly displays your inclination to want what He wants and to make the choices He wants you to make? And how do you thank Him for the grace beneath those graces and choices?

  • For those who made the Holy Week e-treat, when should we do that again? Next Holy Week? Sooner? See the survey questions at the bottom of this email and let us know what you thought of it. You can also leave a comment/reply so we can do even better next time.

  • The parents’ prayer group – parents gathering once each month topray for their children – will start in the next two weeks. Please email me if you want to participate – and I will forward your email to the conveners.

This week in service:

  • Heartfelt thanks to the members of all the ministries that made HolyWeek beautiful for us. Thanks to the musicians and singers, the church décor committee, the ushers, sacristans, lectors, servers, EMs, RCIA leaders and the staff who worked extra! Your efforts made a terrific difference. Special thanks to Carol Valone and Jared Schuller for keeping the liturgies on track.

  • Congratulations to the members of Mrs. Grimmer’s and Mrs. Mantilla’s CCD class – for selling out of the green lights (more than 150) that support our veterans. More green bulbs are on the way!

  • Keep an eye out on Saturday morning for members of our K of C who will be soliciting donations all around town for the benefit of the Somerset Arc and for Gigi’s Playhouse. If you have the choice, come to the Dunkin Donuts between 8 and 11 and give generously to Fr. Hank’s begging cup!

This week in community:

  • Thanks and blessings for our outgoing parish trustees Helen Campbell and Mario Lugo and the same for our incoming trustees, MaryBeth Delisi and Rich Realbuto.

  • Thanks to our four new “czars” – Mike Murphy (parish safety czar), Mike DeLucia (kitchen czar) and Susan and Al Wund (sacristy czars).

  • Check the bulletin for information about day-time dancing at the parish starting in April. Remember, “Makes no difference if you win or lose, ‘long as you’re in your dancing shoes!”

  • BIG NEWS – COMEDY NIGHT ON FRIDAY. CHECK OUT THE INFORMATION AND BE THERE. We all need some great laughs before April 15!

As move through the Easter season, keep praying, reading, shining, joining, laboring and yakking – all for the good of all and the glory of God.

Best blessings

Fr. Hank