This Week in Prayer, Service & Community

Dear All:

Christ’s peace! 

This week in prayer:

  • Difficult gifts come in more shapes than we can count – the adorable puppy that eats our shoes, the determination to exercise when we want to splurge, the ability to rescue a stranger when we want to veg. People can also be difficult gifts. One person can routinely be the source of great gladness and great sadness. Saint Peter was certainly one of those people for Jesus. Peter’s impetuosity surely burdened Jesus but then served the church magnificently. Sunday’s gospel depicts benign expressions of Peter’s sometimes beleaguering impulsiveness. St. Peter launches the fishing expedition, then leaps overboard, then drags the net. He is always out in front. Ready, fire aim! The first reading describes Peter’s inspired use of that same spontaneity. The High Priest threatens Peter but Peter fires right back that the only thing he (Peter) plans to do is obey God. People in our lives are very much like St. Peter. They have habits and make choices that can infuriate us, yet they have marvelous ways of helping to make Jesus’ dreams for the world come true. Can you think of a person or two who are for you what Peter was for Jesus? Who is a difficult gift and you are doing a great job of supporting the gift side while doing a pretty great job of dealing with the difficulties? And can you see how that delights Jesus? As He was sent by the Father to cherish difficult gifts, He sends you to do the same and on a good day you excel at cherishing difficult gifts.
  • Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, “Amoris Laetitia” (“The Joy of Love”) has much to say to every family. Chapter 8 might be of particular help to families dealing with divorce and or remarriage issues.
  • Congratulations to the 77 young parishioners who will be confirmed this weekend. Your progress in the faith is a great grace to all of us!

This week in service:

  • Consider this: Members of the youth group and several other parishioners – 15 in all – packed 4,200 meals for people in low income countries where hunger continues to oppress too many. Great work.
  • Three cheers for the frozen Knights, Colombiettes and their friends who braved the lousy weather on Saturday morning to collect more than $2500 for the benefit of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This week in community:

  • Our first ever Comedy Night was a smashing success. More than two hundred parishioners came and “yukked til they hurt.” Thanks to the Carters, the McDevitts and the Wunds for organizing it. Thanks too to two others who really delivered – Mark New, our emcee and Hillsborough neighbor, and Joey Kola, the featured comedian, who raised the roof. 
  • Godspell will be here soon. And right after that comes the Barn Dance. Stay tuned for details.

Enjoy the new and improved banners in the gathering space – celebrating all we do as priests, prophets and kings. Enjoy the praying, reading, shining, joining, laboring and yakking that comes with the mission – all for the good of all and the glory of God.

Best blessings

Fr. Hank