This Week in Prayer, Service & Community

This week – July 14, 2016

Dear Parishioners:

It's the middle of July and Fr. Hank is away on retreat but there is still a lot going on at St. Joe's. This week's message is, like summer, short but packed with fun. 


Bob Ferretti

The restoration of the Blessed Sacrament chapel is continuing and the tabernacle remains behind the main altar. Please be mindful of the Blessed Sacrament’s presence as you enter church. A genuflection toward the tabernacle or a reverent bow of the head is completely appropriate.

This Week in Prayer

In this week's readings, Moses, knowing he isn't going to make it to the promised land still equips the people with the tools they need to make it there. He doesn't ask "what's in it for me." Paul challenges the people of Colossia to stay on the right path - not much in it for him either. This week's Gospel shows a few people, the priest and the Levite, who did think "what's in it for me?" and crossed the street to stay away from the person in the gutter. The Samaritan, who had many opportunities to do so, never once asked "what's in it for me?" 

How many times in your daily life do you do things that you could ask "what's in it for me?" but you don't? The early morning carpool, the visit to your sick neighbor, the single mom on your block, there are many places where your actions are filled with grace. What's that one place you are doing good, where you don't ask the "what's in it for me" question? Good for you.

This Week in Service

  • The Knight's of Columbus sponsored a blood drive this past Sunday. A big thank you to all the donors - your gift of blood is truly life-saving. 
  • The summer CCD classes are running a special backpack collectionthrough July 26th to support Miriam's Heart, an organization that works closely with New Jersey Somerset County Foster Care. Backpacks, school supplies, personal items are all needed. Visit the drive's webpage for more information

This Week in Community

  • It's not too late to get your favorite family recipes included in ourSesquicentennial Cookbook. It's super-easy to submit your recipe - just click here for our online form submission.
  • Did you know St. Joseph Church is a Pokemon Stop? Stop by to pick up some more Pokeballs - but when you do, say a prayer for every ball you get! 
  • Our official Sesquicentennial t-shirts are still available. Order them online and pick them up in the Memorial Hallway. They are only $10 - that's $0.80 cents per letter (yes, there are 16 letters in Sesquicentennial).

Bob Ferretti
Director of Youth Ministry
St. Joseph Parish