This Week in Prayer, Service & Community - Jan 19, 2017

Dear All: 

This Week in Prayer

Sometimes being “sent” comes with a clear and definable, some would say, awe inspiring event: 

  • Moses and the burning bush being sent to free his people. 
  • The angel placing burning coals on the lips of Isaiah. 
  • Jeremiah, though he was still a boy, being sent to be a prophet to the nations. 
  • Paul getting knocked of his horse, being sent to proclaim Jesus Christ to the Gentiles.

Sometimes being “sent” doesn’t come with the stake in the ground but it comes with a gradual understanding of what God needs us to do for him. 

No matter how John the Baptist came to know his calling - his being “sent”, we know that he was - and so did he. It’s also pretty clear that John also knew what he was sent to do - to make it known to the world that Jesus is the Son of God, one in nature with the Father. 

Was John the Baptist perfect? Did he have all the answers? No, of course not. We have to remember that it is only through God’s grace that each of us gets to the deeper truth of who Jesus is. Not knowing everything about Jesus doesn’t get John off the hook - just as it doesn’t get us off the hook. Just like John, we are sent as we are - sent to let the world know who Jesus is.

What does a “sent” person do? How do we continue to do the work of John the Baptist? Simple really - let your choices and your actions be the evidence to the world that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, the God Hero, Wonder Counselor, Prince of Peace and Father Forever.

As parents, teachers, caregivers, siblings, workers and friends we do this in a myriad of ways each and everyday. The kind word, helping hand, standing up for the bullied - each time we do this we are acting on our being “sent”. The more we do it, the easier it becomes. The more we recognize that God is already using us - just as we are - through our prayers, words and actions - by what we choose to do and by what we choose not to do, the more we are letting the world know who Jesus is. Let your successes breed confidence.

So, how are you doing the work of John the Baptist? What are those subtle ways that you have been called and are continuing the work of John the Baptist? What are three ways that you are letting those around you know who Jesus is?*

This week in service:

  • Attention all ministry heads – If you haven’t already done so, please let Suzanne Kral know what you need in terms of communications and tables in the Gathering Space for ministry recruiting in February.

This week in community:

  • Our Winter/Spring Fellowship calendar is finalized! We have a great lineup - kicking off with our Family Bingo Night on Feb. 17th at 7pm.
  • Can you say "Concert Series"? PJ Anderson is coming back on March 4th. Mark your calendar now!
  • Calling all teenagers! You still have time to sign up for the seminar “Generation Change” – you will be glad you did. The program, part of “Financial Peace University” has much Christian financial wisdom to share. Check it out! Contact Rich R. for more information.


Bob Ferretti

*Adapted (stolen) without hesitation from this week’s homily