This Week in Prayer, Service & Community - October 12, 2017


Christ’s Peace!


This Week in Prayer

This month’s gospels continue to convey truths about the Father, truths that Jesus is eager to share. This Sunday the message was about the Father’s eternal benevolence. Our father in heaven always provides what we need in order to choose peace and to glorify God.


The first reading (Isaiah 5: 1-7) and the gospel (Matthew 21: 33-43) describe a 5-star vineyard. It includes well treated soil, a protective hedge, a time-saving and money-saving wine press, and a deluxe tower that can be used for resting, surveying and several other purposes. The vineyard described provides everything for which its tenants could hope. God provided everything ancient Israel needed to achieve the end for which it was created and led to the Promised Land.


Our father’s benevolence did not end with ancient Israel. As much as ever, God provides all we need to make the choices that lead to our peace and God’s glory. We cannot always choose comfort. Neither can we always choose pleasure or enviable circumstances. But we can always make the choices that lead us to peace and that glorify God. Just as our benevolent Father provided everything the proverbial ancient farmers needed to achieve their proverbial goal (an abundant crop of good grapes), our benevolent Father provides all we need to achieve our goal (our peace and God’s glory).


Sunday’s second reading, from Philippians 4, reminds us to keep an eye on those provisions. Saint Paul encourages us to notice all that is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely and gracious. That is, Saint Paul wants us to contemplate and cultivate all those things that can lead us to peace and can glorify God. True peace is always an option. Remembering that, we continue to look for true peace and for God’s glory.


What about you? Has there been a moment when you thought peace was no longer available to you? Was there a moment when you forgot that God loves you entirely too much to close the path to peace? What helped you remember that peace was always a reachable goal, even if it meant pursuing a very difficult path? What helped you renew the quest for your peace and God’s glory? And who in your life might be wondering if she or he will ever truly feel God’s peace again? Who needs a reminder that our benevolent Father always gives us what it takes to achieve our goal, our peace and God’s glory? Even in the rough patches, those goals are attainable.

This Week in Community

  • Thanks to Kevin Buist for spending his Columbus Day holiday repairing and improving our parish internet – enabling us to provide more services to more people.   

  • Thanks to those veterans who have already submitted their cards for the 11:30 Mass on November 12, at which we will pray for and honor our veterans. We hope that most of the veterans will be able to join us for lunch.

  • Kudos to the dozens of well-behaved animals who posted for the blessing on Saturdaymorning. The morning went off without a hitch, and with many greatly blessed pets and pet-owners!

  • The Taize (pr: tezz-ZAY) concert will be Sunday at 7:30. If you have never heard Taize chant, you owe it to yourself to be there. If you have heard Taize chant, you already know you want to be there. The youth group will be selling hot dogs and pizza for any folks coming from the 6PM mass (or early to the concert).

  • MONSTERS INC will be coming to Saint Joe’s on Friday, October 20 at 7:00 PM. This Movie Night will launch the year-long series for kids (come in your PJs and bring a blanket) and will be the maiden voyage for the new TV in the newly refurbished Hospitality Room.

  • CHILDREN'S LITURGY OF THE WORD starts back up this Sunday at the 9:30 Mass. GREAT thanks to Natalie Zuccarello and to her talented and oh-so generous High School Helpers. 

  • Stay tuned for updates about our ways of welcoming new parishioners. There will be plenty of chances for plenty of parishioners to be part of the welcome process. 

This Week in Service

  • The second collection and poor boxes have so far gathered $8,900 to help the victims of the recent natural disasters. The poor boxes will continue to be dedicated to this project for a few more weeks.

  • Extra blessings for our Lazarus Ministry and our Ushers who have recently worked overtime on several occasions. Both groups provide invaluable service to the parish.

  • The Baby-Bottle Project is almost here. The proceeds from this collection enable young women to live in a safe and respectful setting as they undertake the adventure of motherhood. It enables young woman to make truly inspired choices. Be as generous as you can. And thanks to the Knights and the Respect Life crews for making it happen. 

  • Attention young adults (18-25)! This summer we will be running our first young adult service trip to Appalachia. If you are interested in more information please contact Bob Ferretti or download the application form from our website.

With extra special prayers for our college students who are reading this at a distance – as you gear up for midterms. Know that your home town crowd is cheering for you! And big blessings for all who face challenges this week and for all who are celebrating great achievements.


Best blessings


Fr Hank