This Week in Prayer, Service & Community - August 24, 2018


This Week – August 24, 2018

Dear All:

Christ’s Peace.

It was a great blessing to be with you all at last weekend’s Masses. I thank you for your faith and your perseverance. Your devotion – to the Eucharist, to the Word and to the Community – inspires me. Thanks for all of it. I trust that, in the face of the horrible news, you too draw consolation from each other’s commitments and experiences of grace.

Wednesday night’s visits in the parish hall also nudged my hope in the right direction. It was a blessing to share a few minutes with the folks who were knitting and crocheting at the hall’s far end. Similarly, it was good fun to spend a bit of time with the high school students who were here for Wednesday night drop-in, and for all the pizza and Cinnabon’s that go along with that. And the night would not have been complete without testing the food that the Knights of Columbus were enjoying in a state of advanced bonhomie.

Between the Masses and the gatherings, it was a great grace to experience you as priests (people of prayer) as prophets (who console and challenge others) and as kings (who build up the community). Would that everyone could experience the grace of being with you.

I hope too that you might draw consolation from Pope Francis’ recent letter, from Bishop Checchio’s message to the diocese, and from my homily last weekend.


  • Praying with Bishop Checchio – Please consider joining Bishop Checchio for a Eucharistic Holy Hour as he gathers with clergy, religious and lay faithful of the Diocese of Metuchen at 7 pm on August 29, the Feast of the Passion and of St. John the Baptist. The prayer for the victims of clergy sexual abuse will also be a prayer for strength, courage, and perseverance for the Church of Metuchen as we strive to be faithful disciples of our Lord in these challenging times. The prayer will take place at the Cathedral of St. Francis in Metuchen.
  • Sunday’s Homily – Pennsylvania and Wisdom





  • The Upcoming CCD Classes – Great thanks to all who have already volunteered to teach in our CCD program. Compared to recent years we are in pretty great shape. That said, we still need to fill a few slots. Please consider the following:
    • Sunday Mornings: 
      • Grade 3 class with 5 students needs one teacher
      • Grade 6 class with 12 students needs a teacher has no teacher
    • Tuesday 7:15pm:
      • We have teachers but need assistants for grades 7 and 8.
    • Thursday 4:00pm:
      • Grade 1 class with 8 students needs a teacher
      • Grade 3 class with 8 students has an aide but needs a teacher
      • Grade 4 class with 10 students needs a teacher    
    • Thursday 6:00pm:
      • Grade 5 class with 11 students needs a teacher


  • The Parish Picnic – The parish picnic is scheduled for Sunday, September 9 and it promises to be at least as much fun as the picnics of recent years. In answer to the most frequently asked questions:
    • YES! The Knights of Columbus will be running the grills so the food will be excellent
    • YES! There will be a water slide for kids of all ages
    • YES! The live music will be back!
    • YES! New parishioners are extra-encouraged to come
    • YES! Father Hank will win the croquet match. 
  • Lazarus Ministry – Once again, a great big thank you to all members of the Lazarus ministry who seem always to be available for serving the funerals and, more recently, for setting up the luncheons. You guys are solid gold.
  • Birthday blessings— I messed up on Saturday, August 4 at the 4:45 Mass. I knew something was amiss at the dismissal and did not realize until AFTER Mass that I had forgotten to bless the August babies. We will try again this week at the 4:45. Please forgive me. MEA CULPA!
  • “This Week” -- I hope to get away for summer vacation next Tuesday through Friday. As such, there will be no THIS WEEK next week. The email will get back on a regular basis after Labor Day. 

Best blessings for every single parishioner. Extra special blessings for those of you who are, for the first time, reading this at college. Extra special blessings for you – and for all the teachers and all the students and all the parents who are getting students ready for the start of school. May God treat you extra-specially beautifully in August’s final days.
Fr Hank