This Week in Prayer, Service & Community - November 2, 2018


This Week – November 2, 2018
Feast of All Souls

Dear All:

Christ’s Peace! And may God bless you and console you abundantly as you do the very important November work of praying extra for your deceased loved ones. A prayer-visit to our Trees of Remembrance might be a very good thing for you. May that visit be for you a time of candor and consolation. And if you get a chance to pray at your loved ones’ graves, may that also be a time of renewed confidence in the resurrection and in God’s infinite love for you and those you love who have “gone before us marked with the sign of faith.”


  • Trees of Remembrance – Let us Pray – This year’s leaves have been arranged in alphabetical order. You can find your loved ones’ leaves even more easily than in the past. The leaves have also been placed within easy reach. Don’t hesitate to touch and turn them so you can see clearly the names of your loved ones.     

Remember to pray for them as you behold their names. We don’t know exactly how it works but we know that our prayers for them matter. While their physical remains stay here on earth until the Second Coming, their souls are migrating into the fullness of Christ’s peace – and our prayers assist that migration. Remember to pray, by name, for those you know and remember to say two more prayers – one for all the people named in the trees and another for all the deceased. The prayer for the month of November is:

Eternal rest grant unto them oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
(NB – Parents, this is a superb prayer for your kids to know, especially for the first times they lose a loved one.) 

  • Trees of Remembrance – Thank you – The Trees of Remembrance require a gigantic amount of work. It takes many hard-working people to create the leaves, sort them, arrange them, arrange the trees, and keep the records of the names. Giant thanks to MaryAnn Comiskey who spearheaded this year’s efforts. Great thanks too to all who helped her – Arlene Battaglia, Bo Goldstone, Carmella Maresca, Carol Tiber, Carol Valone, Crissy Cace, Debra Grimmer, Dianne Mantilla, Edith, Elisa Goldstone, Elizabeth Rivera, Kim Caridi, Lorraine Murphy, Lynne Biegel, Margaret VanAllen, Mario Lugo, Mary Ann Meiser, Maryann Baranowski, Paulette Matis, Rita Berz, Sharon Sweeney, and Sue Irwin. Additional thanks to Bill Janone and Bryan Delisi who were always at the ready. (if you worked on the project and I missed your name, please let me know!) Thanks to all of you for making November that much more prayerful and meaningful.

  • Holyday Masses – Many of our liturgical ministers have rearranged their schedules so they could help with the five Masses for All Saints Day and the two Masses for All Souls Day. You are remarkably kind.

  • This Fall’s Adult Formation Participants – Best blessings for the nearly 100 parishioners who are currently participating in Walking With Purpose, The Spiritual Exercises or Meeting Christ in Prayer. Your affection for Jesus is a great gift for the entire parish. May God bless and reward your efforts.

Sunday’s Homily – “Inspired Aspirations Part Four: Inspired Rest”

  • To listen to Sunday's homily, click here.

  • To read a summary of it, go to the bottom of this page


  • Thanksgiving Food Drive – Help us feed those in need this Thanksgiving by providing a food basket for a family. Our goal is to fill 100 baskets for families and we need your help! Grab a shopping list from the Moses' Table on your way out of church (or download it here). If you can't do a whole basket we are also collecting other non-perishable items. All food can be brought to the Memorial Hallway starting November 10.

  • Our Advent Giving Tree – Since most of us have not yet gotten around to putting away the porch furniture, it is a little bit hard to believe that it is almost time for the Advent Giving Tree. But it is. Thanks in advance to all who are already working hard at making this year’s project a great success.

  • Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen – Continued blessings for Terry Lee and the many volunteers who provide lunch at Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen on the 3rd Sunday of each month. If you might be interested in joining this effort, please contact Terry at

  • Healing Prayer Ministry – Sometimes Healing Prayer is more appropriate than the Sacrament of the Sick. Thanks to the many people in the Healing Prayer Ministry who regularly offer that prayer. e


  • Can Anyone Lend us a Drum Set? – Our Becca’s Friends Ministry is hosting the November 9 “Arc’s Got Talent” talent show. One of the special performers is a drummer who wants to impress the crowd, but he cannot arrange the drums. We’ve tried several prospects but no dice. Do you or a friend have a drum set in your basement that we could use at church for one night? Call the office if you do.

  • Thanksgiving Tailgate – Sort of. Given the great time had by all at last year’s gathering, we will once again have a BYOB get-together on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The 5:00 pm Mass will be followed by a 6:00 BYOB and much Thanksgiving merriment.

  • Youth Group Alumni Reunion – While the adults gather in the Hospitality Room, the college kids will be getting together in the Parish Hall. Remind your college student (in case they don’t read “This Week”) to join us for the 5:00 pm Mass and the post-Mass wingding.

  • Parking Lot Lights – Those who came here for Mass this week noticed the building equipment in the parking lot. Regrettably, 4 or our twelve light posts have lost power. The lack of light generates inappropriate and avoidable risks. The workers are connecting the four fizzled lights to the electricity from one of the good lights. And while they are there, they will also put a light at the flagpole. The solar-powered one has not really put out enough light to leave the flag up at night. The project should only take a few more days. Meanwhile, drive carefully around the project.

  • The Mortgage – Last but not least, we hand-delivered the last mortgage check to TD Bank on Thursday. The check was actually handed over by Colleen and Carl Mueller of our Patriots’ Ministry, a group that has worked very hard for many years to help pay down the mortgage. Bless you all!

  • The Artifacts Roadshow Will Be Back – Not sure what to do with those inherited statues, rosaries, crucifixes or other “holy items”? Keep them safe at home until Lent. We will then be collecting them in the gathering space and deliver them to the organization in PA that then finds them new homes in mission territories of every sort.

  • Seventh Graders - Rite of Enrollment ― The Rite of Enrollment marks the beginning of the 7th Graders 2-year preparation for Confirmation. We will celebrate this at the 6PM mass this Sunday.

  • No CCD Classes next week ― There are no CCD classes on Nov 6, 8 or 11 since schools are closed for Election Day and Teacher Convention. Get out and vote on Tuesday and spend some quality family time as you enjoy your long weekend.

  • PJ Anderson is Returning – Mark your calendar for the return of Nashville recording artist P.J. Anderson. P.J. will be here to lead us in song and fun on Friday, November 30. See you there. 

With blessings for every parishioner,

Fr Hank

Summary of October 28 Homily:
Inspired Aspirations Part Four: Inspired Rest

We all need time out from our to-do lists. Constant exposure has a way of grinding us down. Rest, recreation and renewal begin when we disengage the lists.
Inspired rest begins when we then engage the “God’s-done-it” list – when, having disengaged the to-do lists, we contemplate the remarkable things God has already done for us.

Sunday’s first reading (Jeremiah 31) details God’s amazing work in the so-called “Second Exodus.” The first Exodus occurred when God led the Israelites across the Red Sea, from Egypt toward the Promised Land. The “Second Exodus” occurred when God liberated the people from their captivity in Babylon. God’s amazing work included the liberation, not just of the able-bodied who easily made the trip back to Israel, but also “the blind and the lame . . . the mothers and those with child.” The people who experienced that somewhat miraculous expedition would surely repeat Mary’s claim that “The Almighty had done great things for us.” Contemplation of God’s great deeds leads to unparalleled peace.

Sunday’s gospel (Mark 10) recounts the story Jesus healing Bartimaeus, the blind beggar who implored Jesus’ help. In reply to Jesus’ inquiry “What do you want me to do for you?” Bartimaeus replied, predictably and simply “I want to see.” We can only imagine Bartimaeus’ thrill and gratitude when Jesus granted his request. Rather than head off on his own, Bartimaeus “followed Jesus on the way” to Jerusalem and the Passion. 

As it was for the people of the Second Exodus and as it was for Bartimaeus, so it is for us. Contemplation of God’s mighty works leads us to a sense of gratitude and an experience of peaceful, inspired rest that few other efforts can yield.

So what about you? First, where do you go to disengage your to-do lists? What place or people or experience helps you gain an inspired distance from the concerns that priests, prophets and kings regularly carry? What is the physical reality that helps you find rest, recreation and renewal. 

Second, what is on your “God’s-done-it” list? What works of God remind you that God loves you and is at work in our world and in your life even now? Does your list include experiences of spiritual gifts? Moments of true love that you knew came from God? Experiences of nature that you knew God had engineered? Moments of being forgiven? Enlightened” Loved? Sent?”

God has built each of us with an aspiration for inspired rest, a desire to imitate God’s seventh day of creation when God looked at all that was and said “it is good.” Where do you go and what do you contemplate to get to that inspired rest that renews your walk with Jesus?