This Week in Prayer, Service & Community - February 1, 2019


This Week – February 1, 2019

Dear All: 

OK. Just kidding about the divine revelation concerning the noodles. That didn’t really happen. But our annual Pasta Night really is happening, tonight. I hope to see you there. And I hope to see many of you in two weeks at “All You Need Is Love,” our parish celebration of marriage on February 16.


  • Retreat – OK. OK. So maybe God didn’t say anything about pasta, but retreat was excellent anyhow. The weather stunk; there were a few patches of sunshine and one fully sunny day, but it rained 6 out of 8 days. Then again, the lousy weather didn’t diminish the retreat. God was amazingly kind, even for God. It was one of those retreats that will take a very long time to sort out. But I am glad I get to sort it all out here rather than there. One of the very best parts of the retreat was returning to Saint Joe’s. I truly am one of the luckiest and most blessed guys I know. Time away did nothing but deepen that conviction. 

  • Stations of the Cross – We are still five weeks away from Lent, but now might be a good time to mark a few of your chances to pray the stations. They will be prayed twice each Friday in Lent. 

  • Sacrament of the Sick – This is the last reminder in this series. Don’t hesitate to arrange the Sacrament of the Sick. Grab me after Mass and we can get right to it. Or email me to arrange an anointing for your loved one. God wants us to be at peace, especially in times of illness and injury.


  • Help for Feeding Hands – The Feeding Hands food bank in Somerville supports 250 low-income families. Our parish, for the second year, supports Feeding Hands by providing items that are not eligible for public subsidies – e.g. laundry soap, toiletries, dish detergent, sponges and cleaning products. If you have not done so already, and you are feeling the itch to help, please pick up a shopping bag in the gathering space. The bag identifies a particular good for you to buy. That way we don’t end up with 700 razors and no sponges. The collection bins are in the Memorial Hallway. (P.S. – Over the last two years The Paul Gubitosi Charitable Fund has given Feeding Hands 100 shopping carts so the people who come to Feeding Hands can get their food home.)

  • Ministry Recruiting – Thanks to all the Ministry Leaders who have arranged to recruit in the Gathering Space this Lent. As of yesterday, all the slots are reserved. Here’s to God blessing this recruiting season and to God blessing each parishioner’s discernment about personal ministries.

  • Calling All Ministers – Please plan to participate in the annual Morning of Recollection for all parish ministries on Saturday, March 16. Volunteers in EVERY parish ministry are invited. The morning provides time to reflect on your ministry and to connect with others in your ministry. Please reply to Suzanne Kral at if you plan to attend. Please identify your primary ministry in the email.  

  • Are you a Caregiver? – Has God been asking you to make life better for a loved one who, long term or short term, needs some extra TLC? Or maybe you work as a caregiver of some sort? Either way, join us for the morning of recollection on Saturday, March 9 – the Saturday immediately before the Ministries Morning of Recollection. If you have participated before, you know how good it is to learn, laugh and pray with people who do what you do. You are not alone. If you are a caregiver who has yet to participate in one of these mornings of recollection, we are eager to welcome you. RSVP instructions will be available next week.

  • Congratulations Chris Cusack and Christina Androulakis – Christina and Chris, two very active members of our parish Youth Group, received the Diocese of Metuchen’s St. Timothy Award last week. Thanks and blessings for Christina and Chris and their families for representing our parish so well. Thanks to Bishop Checchio for granting the awards.


  • The Rescheduled Pasta Dinner – I hope to see many of you tonight. As I am writing this, our stalwart Knights are knocking out the meatballs. Granted, I am a complete and utter dope when it comes to cooking things that don’t go in the microwave, but what these guys are doing sure looks like rocket science to me. I just got a detailed explanation of why they use only San Marzano tomatoes in the sauce (or is it “gravy”), and why it is best to soak the bread in milk before it goes into the meatballs. Who knew? Anyhow, hope to see you tonight.

  • All You Need is LOVE – Our parish celebration of the married vocation starts at the 4:45 Mass on Saturday, February 16 and continues with great food and fellowship, and some fine music, in the Parish Hall. Remember to submit a COPY of your wedding picture in the paper frame (don’t give us an original) AND remember to buy your ticket this weekend. Not only does this night promise to be great fun, but it is also the bargain of the year. (PS – Seriously, if you are in a tight financial spot, please let me provide you and your spouse with a ticket. Please.)

  • Summer CCD July 21-Aug 1― We are happy to announce that this year we will be using our Finding God Curriculum for the summer. There are so many great lessons, projects, and activities in this program, that it will be perfect for the relaxed, fun atmosphere we strive for in our summer offering. Our plan is to have the registration process begin in late March again this year, so stay tuned for more specific details when registration materials are available!

  • Trivia Night ― Friday, April 5th. Do you think you know it all? Get your team together and prove it at our first adult Parish Pub Trivia Night fundraiser for Catholic Heart Workcamp and our young adult service trip. Tables of 8 will compete for some great prizes! Tickets (and more information) are available at on our website.

It was good to be away and even better to be back. As always, great thanks and all best blessings. 

Fr Hank