This Week in Prayer, Service & Community - March 8, 2019


This Week – March 8, 2019

Dear All:     

Christ’s peace.

I hope your Lent is off to a very good start.  What might a “good start” include?  A degree of confidence that the Lenten observances you have chosen will ultimately deepen your connection with Jesus.  I hope you are feeling peaceful about what you have chosen to give up and what you have chosen to take up.  And under the “take up” heading, I especially hope that you have considered inspired next steps in prayer, service and community-building.  Given how good you all are, I am pretty sure your Lent is off to a good start.


  • The Little Black Books (LBBs) – This year’s demand for the LBBs has been especially robust.  Good for you!  The main supply is all gone but we still have a few tucked away for the late arrivals.  If your household does not yet have one, please let me know after Mass this weekend and we can get you squared away.  The six minutes spent each day with the LBBs are six well spent minutes.  Onward!

  • Stations of the Cross –   Stations started this morning (Friday) after the 8:35 Mass and will be prayed every Friday morning in Lent.  The Friday evening sessions start at 7:30.  It is a beautiful prayer led by very kind and welcoming people.  If you haven’t prayed the stations in a while, or even if you have never prayed them, give it a shot.  

  • Monday’s Scripture Study – The number of people that signed up is a little more than the limit, but we will for sure make it work.  It will be good to explore the Book of Genesis with you.  A few people will have to share books.  Maybe some of the wife/husband teams won’t mind sharing.  Also, BRING YOUR BIBLE WITH YOU ON MONDAY NIGHT AT 7:30   

Sunday’s HomilyEighth Sunday in Ordinary Time Inspired Challenging, Part 5: Knowing When to QuitTo listen to Sunday’s homily, click here.To read a summary of it, go to the bottom of this page.


  • No Such Thing as “Too Many Cooks” –  Great thanks to the fifteen people who signed up to cook for our parish meals ministry.  We have recently seen a significant increase in the number of parishioners requiring meals during difficult circumstances.  We also have a number of our old-reliable cooks away on extended vacations.  Greatest thanks to the 15 cooks who answered the recent pulpit call.

  • Ministry Morning of Recollection – LAST CALL! – we are just about at our seating limit for the March 16 Morning of Recollection for volunteers in every parish ministry.  We still have a few spots and will be ordering the food midweek.  So, seize the moment and RSVP to Suzanne Kral at   Be sure to tell her the ministry with which you want to spend your time. 

  • Young Adult Ministry ― The Young Adult Ministry will be making Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner for Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen on Saturday, March 16 at 1:30 in the St. Joe's kitchen. If you are between 21 and 40 years old and looking for a chance to meet some great people and perform some service, send an email to for more information.


  • New Parishioners – Please join me in welcoming the newest members of our community.  Also join me in saying a praying for their years at St. Joe’s – that God will use the community to bless the newest arrivals and that God will use the newest arrivals to bless the community.  We welcome:

    • Linda Gallo

    • Michael and Amanda Marciniak and their children Jamie and Jenna

    • Vivian Okrepk

    • Salvatore and Bernice Romano and 

    • Salvatore and Helene Saladini

  • Mr. Bober’s Movies – These movies should be required viewing for just about every Hillsborough resident.  Mr. Bober teaches filmmaking at the high school and uses his considerable talents to make movies in which students with special needs are featured.  One of his most recent movies was a whodunnit that included many students from St. Joe’s – AND Christine Demetriou who worked with many of the students for many years.  The movies were the high point of the most recent and very energized gathering of Becca’s Friends.  Blessings for Mr. Bober, Mrs D., and all the movie stars.

  • Where You Sit  –  In case you missed last weekend’s big reveal.  The church has voted and the results are clear.  Section One is by the choir and Section Seven is behind the altar servers.

  • Mark Your Calendars –  We are moving into the peak season for Fellowship Events:

    • Our Annual Fish Fry with Irish Dancers – Friday, March 22.

    • An Evening of Praise and Worship with Rea Larangeira – Saturday, March 30

    • Trivia Night – Friday, April 5

    • Parish Spring Cleaning – Saturday, April 27

    • The Gubitosi Golf Classic – Monday, April 29

  • Parish Personnel Changes

    • Outgoing Parish Trustees – Our parish has been blessed with wonderful trustees.  For nearly three years, Marybeth Delisi and Rich Realbuto have done a thoroughly excellent  job.  But they have both had to step down.  Marybeth had to resign in the Spring when her husband Bryan became our Facilities Manager.  Rich had to step down last week when his wife Anna Maria became the Director of our Senior Ministries and Parish in-reach programs.  All of us, especially me, are greatly indebted to Marybeth and to Rich

    • Incoming Parish Trustees –  Thanks to Susan Wund and Guy Gubitosi for agreeing to serve as our newest parish trustees.  Both Susan and Guy have been involved in many ministries for many years.  They know the place very well and can give excellent advice.  God bless Susan and Guy.

    • Parish Staff – Great blessings for Gail Bellas (Social Ministries) and Anna Maria Realbuto (Sages Ministries and Parish In-Reach) who officially joined the parish staff this week.  Both Gail and Anna Maria are terrifically talented in their fields and are great additions to the staff.

Your Pastor’s Brag –

  • Matt Toste – Matt, son of Patty and Paul Toste (9:30, S 6) graduated from HHS in 2017 and is about to observe his second anniversary in the United States Marine Corps.  Matt is currently a Lance Corporal and is stationed stateside.  Matt, a master at driving giant-sized vehicles that support infantry activities, will probably remain in the States through the summer.  God bless Matt and the USMC and all our service people.

  • Megan Stanton – Megan, daughter of Lilly and Rick Stanton (9:30, S 2), was recently the subject of a very impressive article in one of Rutgers’ leading online magazines.  Megan has excelled in her studies of German and spent a semester in Berlin.  Having been on the Dean’s List every semester, Megan has been accepted to graduate school in education and has been a member of the marching band all four years.  Way to go Megan!

  • Tom Comiskey – (9:30  S 1)  Tom graduated from Scranton U about 1000 years ago and from Dartmouth Business school a little after that.  More recently, Tom was featured in the online magazine “ROI.”  The article reports that Tom, who is the Regional President of M&T Bank, has enabled the bank to become a significant presence throughout New Jersey.  Tom’s wife (Maryann) and their daughters (Malia and Maggie) clearly provide much of the inspiration that energizes Tom’s professional success.  (Comiskey is pronounced like  COMMonwealth rather than like the Chicago ball park, coMISSkey)

Please email me some of the good news you know about parishioners for “The Pastor’s Brag.” 

With gratitude and all best blessings

Fr Hank