This Week in Prayer, Service & Community - August 16, 2019


This Week – August 16, 2019

Dear All:

Christ’s Peace!



    • What a terrific turnout for the Assumption Masses. Evidently, the new Mass times were a great choice (5:00 pm Vigil and then 8:35 am and 7:00 pm on the holyday). Thanks to all who voted for the new times.

    • Thanks too to all who brought flowers from their gardens to put around the Mary statue in the Gathering Space. We seem to have some very talented gardeners who also have a great affection for our Blessed Mother. You are one terrific congregation.

    • And if you made it to the Jersey Shore for some serious Catholic “Fanny-dunking,” please let me know. Unfortunately I wasn't able to jump in the ocean myself on Thursday but I plan to celebrate the Assumption – even if it is a week late – by jumping in the ocean at that most Catholic of waterfronts – the Jesuit beach house in Sea Bright!

  • OUR LABYRINTH – Let the thanks continue. The effort to weed the labyrinth has led to a slight uptick in the number of people who have walked/prayed the labyrinth this week. The conversation about the weeding was the first time that some of our new newest parishioners had heard that we have a labyrinth – let alone such a beautiful one. Welcome to all who pray there, especially those who are praying there for the first time. And don’t hesitate to encourage your neighbors, of all faiths, to walk/pray our labyrinth.

  • FALL ADULT ED – The 2019-20 scripture studies for adults will occur in three rounds of four weeks each, always on Monday nights. The first round runs from October 21 through November 18. The second goes from January 27 to February 17. The last starts on April 27 and ends on May 18.

Sunday's Homily

August 11, 2019 — Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Priorities, Part II: Observing Inspired Priorities

The homily of August 11 will be put online in two weeks.

To read a summary of it, go to the bottom of this page.


  • BAPTISM BLANKETS – Our Knitting and Crocheting Ministry continues to meet in the summer months and produce completely impressive white blankets to give to our newly baptized infants. GREAT thanks to all who participate and bring such great kindness and beauty into our lives.

  • GOD BLESS THE USHERS – Every one of our Weekend Masses benefits from the selfless efforts of our parish ushers. Regardless of weather or vacation schedules or special events, we ALWAYS have enough ushers to get the job done – and the jobs are many and surprising. THANKS, USHERS.


  • THE PARISH PICNIC – The Picnic starts after the 11:30 Mass on Sunday, September 8, the Sunday after Labor Day. Once again, we will have face-painting for the youngsters and the Water Slide and terrific live music for everyone. The Knights will be running the grill again – so you know to expect the very best. The tables for donated desserts will be extra big this year. Fr Hank will also be defending his Croquet Title. Wait. Hold the press. He has never won the title. Make that, “Fr Hank will be seeking the title this year.”

  • SAGES – The participation rates continue to reach new heights! How grateful are we to AnnaMaria Realbuto and all who organize the very-well attended programs for our 55-and-over crowd? (Truth to tell, a few sub-55s have snuck into some of the movies, but we let them stay.)

    • Monday Funday – This Monday, August 19, 11:30-2:30 in the Hospitality Room. The lunch will be delicious. The movie will be “Hacksaw Ridge.” The poker game will again take place in another room. (I understand the table was slightly crowded last week but the pool was good.) Please sign up in the Gathering Space this weekend so we know how much food to make.

    • Chair Exercises – 11 am every Thursday

    • Jesus ShowSOLD OUT – but AnnaMaria is keeping a waiting list.

  • SCRUBBING UP THE PARISH HALL – The work is well under way and the prospects are extremely promising. GREATEST thanks to Al Garlatti for being the world’s most user friendly General Contractor. Thanks too to all the folks who have had to meet in other places while the work takes place.

  • THE BLESSINGS OF THE BRAINS – Attention all students in grades K-22. We will once again celebrate the Blessings of the Brains and Aspirations in early late September or October – to bless you on your way into the new school year. Think well about what physical object best sums your hopes for the new year.

THIS WEEK will resume the weekend after Labor Day.

All best blessings

Fr Hank