This Week in Prayer, Service & Community - August 30, 2019


This Week – August 30, 2019

Dear All:

Christ’s Peace!

Happy Labor Day Weekend. I hope the weekend provides you with some extra time for prayer and scripture and plenty of opportunities for minor adventures and great fun. So as not to cut into your prayer/fun time, this week’s “This Week” is extra short!


  • THE WOMEN’S RETREAT – It's an evening affair – on Thursday, September 19. You will be very glad you participated. Tickets might be on sale thisweekend in the gathering space but they will for sure be on sale next weekend and the one after that. They are also available online on our website.

  • BLESSINGS OF THE BRAINS AND ASPIRATIONS – Students in every grade (grad students included). Please give some thought to your greatest aspiration for the year and an artifact that symbolizes it. More on this later. For now, what part of the new school year do you want specially blessed?

  • THE BOOK OF MASS INTENTIONS – Stay tuned for more information about this. The Mass book will probably open in early October.

  • REMEMBERING YOUR DECEASED LOVED ONES – Remember, we will be starting the list from scratch this year. If you want to have a parent, spouse, child, grandchild, sibling or BFF listed on the memorial rosters, you will need to fill out a request. There will also be a chance to submit names of other deceased loved ones for the basket that will be on the altar throughout November.

  • VISITING MISSIONARIES – Thanks to all of your who helped extend such a gracious welcome to Sisters Emily and Lois of the Sisters of the Holy Child. They were both quite taken with how receptive you all were after all the Masses. Their stories amazed and inspired me. Thanks for being so great.


  • TWEAKED E.M. PRACTICE – Several EMs who usually serve at the 4:45 have helped at other Masses and encouraged EMs at those other Masses to follow the 4:45 pattern – those distributing the Body of Christ stand on the choir side of the altar and those serving the Blood of Christ stand on the server-side. It helps organize the various motions and brings a bit more dignity to the moment. Thanks.

  • SUMMER SERVICE PROJECTS— More on this later – but for now – WOW. Hats off to the many folks who kept their ministries on track during the summer months.


  • THE PARISH PICNIC –it Rain or shine, the parish picnic is ON. Everything is in place and the day promises to be at least as much fun as recent years. And if you have any friends or neighbors who have been away from church, bring them too. It’s a great chance for new folks to help us start the new year.

  • SAINT JOE’S NIGHT AT PATRIOT STADIUM – Join your fellow parishioners and the Somerset Patriots on Saturday, September 21. Gates open at 6 pm and the game begins at 7:05 pm. Win or lose the game ends in fireworks. The discounted ticket price for parishioners is $8. Tickets will be available for advance sale after weekend Masses.

  • FOLDMATES’ NAMES – The name cards will be back in the pews in early September – as we begin one of our three yearly efforts to learn the names of a few more fold-mates. The name-learning will occur before Mass in September, Advent and Lent. The goal is to extend the sign of peace – by name – to everyone within shouting distance of your regular seat. Thanks for being such good sports.

  • CHURCH TRAVEL – OK – before we return to the standard (and very uplifting) version of “The Pastor’s Brag,” we need to hear about churches you have visited this summer and one thing you really liked about them. A few of the early returns have been outstanding – people mention memorable experiences and practices we might want to implement here – in churches as near as Maryland and as far away as the Canadian Rockies, The Philippines and Israel. Email me with your memorable church experience soon.

With all best blessings for your Labor Day Weekend.

Fr Hank