This Week in Prayer, Service & Community (Dec 31, 2015)

Dear All –

Happy Feast of Mary the Mother of God and Happy New Year.

Happy Feast of the Epiphany.

May 2016 be full of the peace that only Christ can provide.

This week in prayer: 

  • From the Christmas (midnight) readings – Of Isaiah’s four descriptions of the Messiah, which best describes the way you most want to experience Christ in a more profound way, as Wonderful Counselor,God HeroFather Forever, or Prince of Peace?
  • From the readings for the Feast of the Holy Family – Do you encourage your family members to take the alone time they need to experience the peace that only Christ can provide? Are you willing to take the time you need to do so?
  • We will start our parish observance of The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy this weekend. Please enter church through the Doors of Mercy at the north end of the Memorial Hallway. 
  • How about if we think of “mercy” as the practice of being kind to the troubled AND to the troublemakers?

This week in service:

  • The Parish residents of Holcomb Court, and their Holcomb Court neighbors, have completed their Point-of-Light project, an end-to-end clean up of Amsterdam Drive. Notice the impressive lack of rubbish all along the thoroughfare. Well done Holcomb Courters. That’s a terrific gift to the community to honor our CL.
  • Keep thinking about the ministries that need help at your regular Mass and how you might enrich their efforts. More on that in January.
  • Current and new members of all liturgical ministries – it seems most probable that our morning or recollection will be Saturday February 13. More on that in January

This week in community

  • Thanks to the dozens of parishioners who went above and beyond to make our celebration of Christmas such a good one – musicians, singers, lectors, servers, ushers, decorators and plant folk, and the many I am surely forgetting. Your generosity is an inspiration.
  • Thanks to Pete H., Nick C., Ben L. and Curt E. for getting the Door of Mercy ready for its grand opening. Your work is a gift to the parish and to the pilgrims who will visit.
  • Thanks to Jo-Ann Delasko for coordinating the many Church Improvement Projects that are either already completed or in the planning stages.
  • Parish Fellowship prospects now include Karaoke, a Robot competition, Comedy Night and Irish Step Dancing. Also, folks who (a) are old enough to remember Ike and (b) like to dance – stay tuned.

All best blessings for 2016.

Fr. Hank SJ